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How do I know I'm getting a good quality product?

We use the products we manufacture ourselves and we're in this industry because we know there are many suppliers out there who, unintentionally, don't supply correctly dosed products. The manufacturing process is not as simple as it seems and all our products are manufactured by people who have done or currently still do this type of manufacturing as a career. A pharmacist is responsible for signing off every batch of product thus ensuring consistent, quality products. Our packaging also speaks for itself and complies with pharmaceutical standards in that every box contains information about the product strength, manufacturing/expiration date as well as the lot number. This information is laser onto the box and not printed during the printing process of the box as many other brands do. This means the Lot Number and Exp Date are unique to the product in the box and is fully traceable.


Why are there 56 tablets in a box and not 50 like everyone else?

Firstly, we're different to everyone else.
Secondly, 56 is a multiple of 7 which, of course, is the number of days in a week. So as an example, if you wanted to run an 8 week cycle of Oxandrolone using 80mg per day you would need exactly 4 boxes of Oxandrolone 20 over this period of time. This also prevents you from ending up with that random tablet. The way we work it out is that each box gives you one tablet per day for 8 weeks - simple - clean - clever!


How do I order?

You can only order on line via our secure on-line shop. Buy online today


Can orders be delivered anywhere in the world?

Yes. We are currently shipping worldwide.


My order has not arrived, what happens now?

Should your order not arrive, this is usually as a result of one of two reasons, the order was lost in transit, the order was seized by customs.

It is your responsibility to check local customs law's and in the event of seizure we do not replace or refund your order.  If in doubt in regard to whether you will receive your order or not please send a query through to us.


How do I pay?

You can pay with your MasterCard / Visa backed credit or debit card, via our secure payment gateway.   We also accept Bitcoin and other payment options.


US Customers please note: your card company may restrict offshore (Non US) transactions over 200 US$. As a result you will receive a transaction declined notice. Should you receive this result on checkout you will need to contact your card company to have this limit increased.


How long will it take to receive my order?

We ship between 2 - 3 days after receiving your completed order, Generally shipping takes between 9 - 15 working days, from date of postage.  The current average is a little under 10 days.

During peak postal times delays may occur which are beyond our control.  Please be patient.


Will I be able to track my order?

All orders are shipped with track and trace.  You will be able to track your order via our local postal service website and your own countries postal service, once the order reaches your country.  In some countries you will have to contact your postal service to obtain the incoming tracking number.

Tracking information and how to track your order will be emailed to you once your order has been shipped.  We have no direct control over the quality of the tracking information provided by the various postal network's.  It is your responsibility to check with your countries postal network for incoming international tracking information.


Is packaging discreet?

All our orders are shipped discreetly. We reserve the right to break orders up into multiple parcels.


What if my order is damaged?

This is highly unlikely but if this is the case we will replace any damaged or unusable product. Send us a picture of the problem and well send you the replacement.

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