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HGH is generally used to aid with recovery and it is recommended for use with EVERY cycle. While it is not really a stand alone anabolic product, it most certainly enhances the effect of regular anabolic's for beyond expectation. It has also been reported that gains achieve from cycles are also for more easily maintained and the anabolic side effects are minimized. Add to this the fact that it's also an anti-aging product so you look better in every way you possibly can!

Eutropin – Platinum Range:

  • Beside containing high grade HGH, Eutropin contains Glycine which has been scientifically proven to stimulate the pituitary gland to release higher levels of you own, natural HGH. When you add synthetic hormone to your body there is a risk that your body may reduce production of its natural hormone and the addition of the Glycine is an attempt to reduce this phenomenon. (Please read the Product Insert for advice as to how to minimise this effect)
  • Eutropin contains additional excipients which buffer the HGH so as to allow a higher degree of effectivity. According to tests, Eutropin is ±12% more effective than most well known, reputable brands.
  • The bacteriostatic water contains a preservative which slows down microbial growth in the reconstituted HGH thereby extending the life thereof by up to 4 times.
  • 3.8mg HGH per vial which is 10.27iu. This takes care of the small amount one can't draw out of the vial and ensures you get a full 10iu HGH.
  • Contains 10 x 1ml insulin syringes to get you going as soon as you get your kit. No need to run around for syringes. You can also purchase more from us.

We all know we can't get every last drop of liquid out of the vial. We've worked out that this is about 0,025ml and by adding an extra 0,27iu of HGH you are ensured of getting a full 10iu out of the vial

Whats in the box.

Each Eutropin 10 iu Human Growth hormone kit contains

  • 10 x 10.27iu HGH per vial (3,8mg)
  • 10 x 1.2ml bacteriostatic water
  • 10 x 1ml insulin syringes.

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