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  • Sustanon 300

Each 10ml vial of Sustanon 300 contains 300mg/ml of Sustanon

Sustanon 300 is probably the most popular beginners testosterone due to its affordability and range of active ingredients.

It contains 4 different testosterone esters ranging from slow to fast release. This allows the user to experience very quick results while at the same time limiting dosing to a weekly injection due to the slow release component of this product.

Each Kit contains:
1 x 10ml vial Sustanon 300mg/1ml
1 x 3ml syringe *
1 x 18g Hypodermic Needle for drawing down *
10 x 23g Hypodermic Needles for injecting the dose *

This product contain Ethyl Oleate.

Ethyl Oleate is perfectly designed to hold esters in suspension while keeping the solution relatively thin and clear. This allows for relatively pain-free injections and the use of thinner gauge needles.

*Online Orders : Needles and syringes are not supplied with the product. If they are required, we recommend purchasing the 3ml syringe kit.

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Sustanon 300

  • $60.00

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