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It’s not just about money … these products go into your body … we understand that!

Unfortunately, there are many unqualified operators out there who formulate and pack their own product in an uncontrolled environment. Many of whom merely copy / counterfeit what’s already available riding on the good reputation of existing brands. There are also those who simply import the finished product from sources who can’t actually guarantee the quality or consistency of the supplied product.

The second thing is, traceability. Have a look at the label on the container of the product you have. You will notice that most of them have go the batch number and expiry date printed on them as part of the artwork of the label. This means that when the label is printed, the batch number is printed on the label at the same time. This is not correct because the batch number should and actually only can be printed on a unit AFTER it has been packed. So this means the batch number is questionable, therefore the expiry date as well and of course, the quality and activity of the product.

At EU Pharmaceuticals we understand that everyone is after a good deal but when it come to putting chemicals into your body, it's really not worth risking it to save a couple of bucks!