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A successful PCT  (Post Cycle Therapy) aims to control the balance of oestrogen and testosterone. While on a cycle, synthetic testosterone is supplemented and the bodies natural production cesses. The reason for this is the body will always attempt to keep it hormones in balance so when it identifies extremely high levels of testosterone, not only does it stop production thereof, it also increase production of oestrogen. It does this by releasing higher levels of the aromatase enzyme which converts some of the testosterone to oestrogen. When the gear is stopped, the synthetic testosterone levels drop relatively fast in comparison the oestrogen levels and therefore it’s important to understand what product does what, when it should be taken and how much. The following aims clarify this point is plain, simple english.

 At EU Pharmaceuticals we believe in providing you with as much information on our products as possible. In this regard we have tabulated the active half life's of all our products.

Use this table to assist in working out your dosages.

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