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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I'm getting a good quality product?

How do I know I'm getting a good quality product?

We use the products we manufacture ourselves and we're in this industry because we know there are many suppliers out there who, unintentionally, don't supply correctly dosed products. The manufacturing process is not as simple as it seems and all our products are manufactured by people who have done or currently still do this type of manufacturing as a career. A pharmacist is responsible for signing off every batch of product thus ensuring consistent, quality products. Our packaging also speaks for itself and complies with pharmaceutical standards in that every box contains information about the product strength, manufacturing/expiration date as well as the lot number. This information is laser onto the box and not printed during the printing process of the box as many other brands do. This means the Lot Number and Exp Date are unique to the product in the box and is fully traceable.

Why are there 56 tablets

Why are there 56 tablets in a box and not 50 like everyone else?

Firstly, we're different to everyone else.
Secondly, 56 is a multiple of 7 which, of course, is the number of days in a week. So as an example, if you wanted to run an 8 week cycle of Oxandrolone using 80mg per day you would need exactly 4 boxes of Oxandrolone 20 over this period of time. This also prevents you from ending up with that random tablet. The way we work it out is that each box gives you one tablet per day for 8 weeks - simple - clean - clever!