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HGH Frag

HGH Frag
HGH Frag
Brand: EU Pharmaceuticals
Product Code: HGHFrag
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HGH Frag 2500 (Human growth Hormone Fragment) is the isolated "fat loss" portion of HGH.

Investigators at Monash University discovered that the fat-reducing effects of HGH appear to be controlled by a small region near one end of the Growth Hormone molecule. This region, which consists of amino acids 176-191, is less than 10% of the total size of the GH molecule and appears to have no effect on growth or insulin resistance. It works by mimicking the way natural Growth Hormone regulates fat metabolism but without the adverse effects on blood sugar or growth that is seen with unmodified Growth Hormone. Like Growth Hormone, the hgH fragment 176-191 stimulates lipolysis (the breakdown or destruction of fat) and inhibits lipogenesis (the transformation of nonfat food materials into body fat) both in laboratory testing and in animals and humans. It has been shown to have 12.5 time more fat burning effect than HGH alone.

The kit consists of:
4 x 2500mcg HGH Frag 2500
4 x 1.2ml bacteriostatic water
4 x insulin syringes with a built in 29G needle. This is just to get you started.

Direction for use:
Reconstitute one vial of powder with 1ml bacteriostatic water supplied. This will give you 10 x 250mcg doses so 0.1ml = 250mcg.
Inject 250mcg (0.1ml) HGH Frag 2500 twice per day. One of these injection should be done 30 minutes before cardio training for optimal effect.
Use 5 days per week and off for 2 days.
1 kit will last for 4 weeks if used as indicated above.

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