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Oxandrolone 5 "Anavar®"

Oxandrolone 5 "Anavar®"
Oxandrolone 5 "Anavar®"
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Oxandrolone 5 "Anavar®" Oxandrolone 5 "Anavar®" Oxandrolone 5 "Anavar®" Oxandrolone 5 "Anavar®"
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Oxandrolone 5 is specifically designed for use by woman

  • Cutting and hardening of skeletal muscles.
  • Those who wish to loose weight without exercise.
  • Treating muscle wasting diseases and osteoporosis.
  • Helping burn victims regain muscle.

Contents per box:

  • 56 Green tablets in a labeled bag or labeled glass bottle.

Recommended dose

Always take Oxandrolone 5 exactly as prescribed by your doctor. If you are unsure, ask your pharmacist. Unless otherwise prescribed by a doctor, the normal dose is:

Not recommended for men as the dosage in far too low

Guide for Women

First time users 
Take dose every 12 hours as follows: 2.5mg 30 minutes pre-training and 2,5mg 12 hours later for 2 weeks. Then, if desired, increase daily dosage by 5mg as follows: 5mg 30 minutes pre training and two 2,5mg doses. These three doses to be taken at 8 hourly. Do not exceed 15 (6 capsules) per day.

Recreational users / woman who would like to cut some fat and firm up.
Take 1 x 2.5mg capsule morning and night for 4 - 6 weeks.
Use 1 x 2.5mg capsule per day during the last week of the cycle with 1 x 25mg proviron. Continue the Proviron 25 for 1 additional week after stopping the Oxandrolone 2.5.


Minimum recommended duration is 4 weeks and maximum duration is 6 weeks.

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